Stipends and Church Use/Donations for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, please refer to the parish office.

Please note that all money collected from Stipends go to the church to help cover costs and are not a personal payment to the Priest or Deacon. An additional amount of R500 is payable should you require an organist. Should you not be able to pay the above amounts please contact the church office to make alternative arrangements.


Baptism preparation: Thursdays at 19.30 (a two-week course for parents and godparents).

Baptisms: By arrangement with the parish priest or deacons.

Confirmation and catechism

Children’s catechism classes: (Grades 1 to 7) Tuesdays 15:30 to 16:30; contact Belinda through the church office on telephone 011 782 5417/8.

These take place at Life Teen on a Sunday starting with the 17:30 youth Mass and end at 20:15. All grade 8 to 11 students are required to attend. Please contact the church office, or register online at

Adult catechism: (Classes for converts, enquiries, adult confirmation) Tuesdays 19:30; contact Fr. James at the office on 011 782 5417/8.


Engaged Encounter: For bookings, please email

Weddings: By arrangement with the parish priests or deacons.

Sick and housebound

Please contact the Parish office on 011 782 5417/8.